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It all started when I noticed that something didn’t seem quite right…

I met a gentleman at a concert.
His appearance displayed a sense of class and sophistication. His suit and shoes were tailor-made, and his trousers had perfect razor-sharp creases. He was standing up straight and his smart look was impressionable.
Yet, one thing bothered me: His ears were covered with bandages.
This bothered me so much that during the intermission, I asked him: “Those bandages on your ears – what happened?”
He then told me, “My eyeglasses don’t fit very well. I’ve tried everything but nothing else works… This is the only way to keep them in place.” You might think that this was just a casual conversation. But something continued to trouble me.
It was the striking contrast between his elegant appearance and the bandages on his ears.
Even this gentleman, who paid attention to the minute details of his clothing, could not do anything about his eyeglasses. Eyemetrics was established to resolve conflicts like this one.
We are here to help you get the perfect fit, comfort, and look with your eyeglasses.


Facing the Facts

Our research has revealed various facts about eyeglasses: 

  • On average, most wearers adjust their eyeglasses 250 times a day, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
  • The most common reason why people adjust their eyeglasses – whether with their hands or facial muscles – is that they do not fit properly. The second most common reason has to do with the weight of the eyeglasses.
  • It is said that eyeglasses will come to fit their wearer in time, even if they do not fit perfectly at first. This is not true. The wearer simply becomes desensitized and gets used to the discomfort.
  • To see is not a passive action; instead, it requires one’s initiative. Therefore, if your eyeglasses do not fit well, your vision goes out of focus, which puts unnecessary stress on your brain functions.
  • When the wearer is subjected to severe external stress, the discomfort that he or she experiences can cause mental and physical illnesses to become apparent.

Our business is supported by various technologies that were developed to solve these issues.